Street Division

Chip Sealing Update - 6/28/2018

Chip Sealing, sweeping and fog sealing is now complete on all of the designated roadways. Crews will begin striping roadways, placing thermoplastic areas and crosswalks on Monday, July 2. Pavement marking should be complete by July 18, 2018. Thank you for your patience!   

2018 Chip Seal Roads

This year the Street Division chip sealed approximately 14.5 miles of City streets in the following order:
Main Roads................(Chip sealing, sweeping and fog sealing has been completed on the following roadways.  Crews will start to restripe the roadways on Monday, July 2.)
1.  Southside Boulevard ..………...  from Amity Overpass to Alma Lane 
2.  East Locust Lane  ……………..  from Greenbelt to South Happy Valley Road 
3.  South Happy Valley Road ....…  from East Greenhurst to East Locust Lane 
4.  East Greenhurst Road…..........  from S Powerline Road to S Happy Valley 
5.  Discovery Place .………….…...  from East Greenhurst to Goldenrod Dr.
6.  South Powerline Road …..……  from Greenhurst to 2nd Street South 
7.  East Iowa Avenue.………….....  from South Powerline Road to Chicago Street 
8.  Chicago Street ………………..   from East Iowa Ave to 2nd Street South 
9.  East Sherman Avenue …….....  from South Powerline Road to Chicago Street
10. East Roosevelt Avenue …......  from 12th Avenue Road to S Powerline Road 
11. 7th Street South …..……........  from 12th Avenue Rd to East Roosevelt Ave 
12. 2nd Street South ………….....   from 16th Avenue S to Southside Blvd. 
13. 16th Avenue South ..……...…   from Overpass to Roosevelt

Chip Seal Process

Signage will be placed in the Chip Zone approximately one week prior to Chip Sealing.

Some loose gravel will remain on the road for several days, so speed limits of 20 mph will be in effect during that time. Driving slowly will minimize loose gravel being thrown from tires and help compact the road surface. 
Crews will return after chip sealing to sweep up loose gravel, followed by additional sweepings over the next few weeks. The final step is applying a diluted asphalt fog seal, which provides an additional surface seal and better rock retention. It also creates a good contrast for lane striping and other pavement markings

Working in traffic is a dangerous job, and it is easy for workers and drivers to become confused and frustrated as they navigate through construction zone
s. The Street Division is dedicated in making your City a great place to live. We appreciate your patience and thank you during this time as we continue to improve your roadways.

Chip sealing is a common pavement maintenance practice that significantly extends pavement life.  Chip sealing also saves the City money, it is about one-fourth to one-fifth the cost of a conventional asphalt overlay.

Re-Striping the Chip Zone will begin after Fog Seal is complete.

Ongoing Maintenance

Maintenance and replacement of the City's 9,000 plus regulatory, warning and informational signs is a continuous project.

Miscellaneous and street name signs are logged so that the last week of each month they can be repaired and/or replaced as necessary. However, regulatory signs are taken care of immediately. Signals help municipalities save money, keep the roads safe and reduce accidents. Preventive signal maintenance is performed at regularly scheduled intervals. Crews also respond to any reported equipment system malfunctions such as lamp burnout, failure of the detection sensor, and other miscellaneous mishaps. our signal technicians are constantly working to make traffic signals run smoothly.

When you see the signal or street light repair crew working along side the road and in the bucket truck, please slow down and if possible change lanes away from the crew. Proceed with caution.

If you have a concern please call the office or use our online request form.


The Street Division has a staff of 23 and is responsible for the maintenance of 795.562 lane miles of City roadways, broken down as follows: 77.977 Collector; 575.749 Local Road,; 70.068 Minor Arterial; and 71.768 Principal Arterials. There are 21.96 Alley Lane miles of which are bladed twice a year, each spring and fall. 57 traffic signals, 9,758 traffic signs and 4,300 street lights. Maintenance activities include chip and fog sealing, striping centerlines and crosswalks, removing snow and ice, and servicing traffic signals and street lights. The Division also pumps excessive storm water, and cleans sand and grease traps in storm water catch basins.

Roads Scholar Awards

Reuben Bowers has received his Road Master for fiscal year 2017.  
Congratulations Reuben!  
The Road Scholar/Road Master program is an intense training program consisting of several courses focusing on street maintenance. The program is hosted by the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC) and T2. Congratulations!

Video of the 2nd and 3rd Street Construction Project Downtown